We will deliver your last words

Everyone dies. Once the time ends for you, we will make sure your friends and family receive the messages you set up with us.

All in a discreet, safe and secure way.

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How it works

Set up your messages
as many as you want with a small monthly fee
Someday, you die
and your credit card gets blocked
We make sure you passed
by trying to contact you and your relatives
We send your messages
and we make sure they were picked up

This is truly simplified process. There is much more we do beyond the scene.

More details
  • This service is exactly what I was looking for. I created a personal messages to my family with the instructions what to do in case of my death and I hope when it eventually comes, they will follow my words.

    Ian Winston
  • Nobody can rate this services until he is dead and then he can’t rate it either, right? I will leave a rating to my friend to whom I set up the messages.

    Oleg Makrowicz

We respect your privacy

All your messages are encrypted and can only be opened with the key, which only you and your loved one knows.

You will set up a secret question that will give your loved ones a hint of the correct answer.

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