Frequenty asked questions

How do you know I am dead?

The main tool for us to determine whether you are still alive is through regular monthly payments using a credit card.

Once the notary notifies your bank of your death, the bank will freeze all payments. Your next payment to us will not be completed and we will start the investigation into whether you’re alive or not. How do we do that?

What if my payments stop coming through?

There are few reasons why your payments might stop coming through:

  1. You are no longer alive and your bank stopped all payments from your account
  2. You canceled your credit card
  3. You have insufficient funds in your account
  4. Your credit card has expired

In case of 1-3, we start your status check. Learn more about how we do that.

In case of 4, we will not suspect you died, instead, we will notify you that the card has expired and we’ll ask about your next steps, regarding whether to continue or cancel your subscription.

How long does it take to investigate my status and send the messages in case of death?

In most cases, the process takes around 4-5 weeks.

See how we do that.

What if the bank blocks my card due to frauds?

There is still plenty of time to set up a new card before we consider sending the messages. In this case, we will start a standard status investigation.

What if my card expires?

We track your card’s expiration. If you card goes expires, we will assume that you are still alive. We will notify you that your card has expired and that you should update the subscription with a new one.

What if I go into a comma?

In this case, we do not send your messages. There is always a good chance you will recover. We’ll ask for your status from your relatives, and we’ll periodically check what is happening with you. If they confirm your death, we’ll then proceed with sending the messages.

What happens if you make a mistake and send messages while I am still alive?

This will not happen. We always contact you first, and if we don’t hear from you for a long time, we confirm your status with the points of contact you set up in our app. We do not send messages unless we are 100% sure you are dead. We are aware that your messages may contain sensitive information.

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