How it works

Leave a practical or personal message to your family, friends or colleagues.

We all have something to say. Sometimes, we are’t able to say it while we’re still around. Do say what you need to say using our service when you’re not here anymore.

Tell us about yourself

We need to know you, and especially we need to be able to contact you in multiple ways in order to determine your status.

Set up your messages

Create a messages for your friends, family or colleagues. They can contain both practical information as well as personal notes. Each message can have an attached files.

Subscribe with a small amount of money

Although regrettable, the easiest way to determine whether you are still alive is through your credit card payments. Once your bank gets the information that you’ve passed, it will freeze all payments.

Someday, you’ll die

Death will eventually catch us all. We all share this same destiny. Once payments stop coming through, we try to determine if you really passed or not. This is why we need to know as much as we can about you.

We send your messages

Once we are 100% sure you’ve passed, we blast off your messages to your predefined contacts.

We make sure they read it

We track who has opened the message and we make sure all of your recipients get it! This is also why we need to know a lot of contact information about them.

What you can put into the message?

  • How to best deal with any financial issues.
  • How to get the passwords to different accounts (do not put the passwords in the message).
  • Attach any files that you could not share before.
  • Life wisdom.
  • Long time secrets, both positive and negative.
  • What and where are your financial assets.
  • A personal note to your friends.
  • Anything else, really …

Give it a try! It’s for free.

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