Status investigation

Once your payments stop coming through and your card is not yet due expiration, we start an investigation process where we try to determine your status.

Immediately after declined payment

We send you an email that we did not receive your payment, asking you to come back and either look at what has gone wrong or cancel the subscription.

1 week after

We send you another email and also SMS to your phone.

2 weeks after

We’re aware you can be offline for some time when sick or on holiday, so this is the third time we try to contact you using email and SMS.

3 weeks after

Our investigation team will try to call you on your phone.

3.5 weeks after

We will try to call you once more. If we are not successful, we will contact one of the points of contact which you added to the system. We send a super-discreet message from our domain asking for you. See sample messages.

4 weeks after

If we confirm from the contact person or another source that you are no longer alive, we will send the message to your predefined contacts.

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