Conserve what our Children Deserve

Reduce, Recycle and Respond – these are the four R’s that every single being on this Earth should be aware of. Life is passing by for us, and we are using the Earth’s resources. Eventually, it’ll all be used up or destroyed if we don’t conserve it for our future generations, and I’m sure no one would want their children or grandchildren to suffer because of how we treated the Earth during our lifetime over here.


There’s an immense amount of pollution in the air that are caused by factories, especially coal and natural gas factories. These factories burn coal and use natural gas to form energy – electrical energy. Even hydroelectric power stations use water and heat it to convert it into steam to provide electrical energy to us. Because of the heating up of water and coal, a lot of steam is produced into the air which mixes up with the gases, and the atmosphere, in general, becomes harmful for us, human beings.

In order to preserve the natural freshness in the air, we should reduce the amount of electricity we use and conserve it so natural resources do not run out and is preserved for future generations.


Recycling is very important. Many countries like the US, UK and most European and Asian countries try their best to recycle materials like plastic bottles, glass, tin cans made up of aluminium or paper.

However, many countries still are missing the concept of recycling as they are unaware of the effects it’s causing, the unrecycled material is treated like garbage which ultimately pollutes the sea and affects the sea creatures. The garbage is also burned in forests; leading to not only air pollution but also deforestation becomes a big issue. We should start raising awareness and educate people about how significant recycling is and emphasize on the benefits of it for our future generations to come.


Lastly, you should be responding to all the events, or things that you feel are not being done right to conserve for our future generations. You should spread awareness of arising problems like global warming and take serious action against these issues.

If you help spread awareness, you can educate someone who wasn’t thinking of the harm they might be causing to Earth and would start putting in the effort to do better as a result. We can all save the Earth, only if we put in the effort together and work with each other, while supporting each other with new ideas, like using non-renewable energy more often and ways of preventing pollution.