The Happiness Project

We all want to be happy; we all want to be surrounded by people that love and care for us; it’s basic human nature. But have you ever been curious and searched for a deeper meaning and asked yourself one morning, what is happiness?

Different Forms of Happiness

There’s no straight answer to that question – there’s no right or wrong answer to that question. Happiness is defined differently for each individual. It comes in different forms, and we can’t really label it as the same for every person. Well then, how do we know what makes us happy, you ask? The answer is already with you.

Happiness is a feeling; some people show it – some don’t. This feeling is what’s important to know about – the moment you get this particular feeling I’m about to describe – and when you recognize it, deep within your heart you know you’re happy, this is happiness for you.

What is this particular feeling?

Now, what is this particular feeling? I must say this is one of the best feelings ever that you’ll get in life. It’s not just one feeling – it’s many sorts of feelings combined together – all good things happening at once! It’s the excitement in someone’s eyes; it’s this fluttery butterfly feeling in someone’s stomach, it’s that huge smile on someone’s face that you can’t help but notice. What else is this feeling? It’s that spark you see in someone’s eyes when they talk to you; it’s that warm, fuzzy feeling you get in your heart. Now, these are just a few examples of happiness – there are many feelings like this that make you happy. Let me tell you that you’ll recognize it for sure, the moment you feel good, it’s something you look forward to, and that’s when you know you’re happy.

Does everyone need a Happiness Project in their lives?

What is the Happiness Project? One day you realize that you’re unsatisfied with your life, is that all to it? You are certainly thankful for what you have, but is it enough? Is it enough to make you happy? Is that all the happiness you can have in this world? Are you even happy?

If you’re happy, fine, but if you’re unsatisfied and want more from life, then there’s something probably missing in your life – or maybe it’s not, but you just think it is. Only you can find the answer to that – it’s important to start journaling your everyday feelings. Explain in the journal to yourself, what made you happy today? What didn’t make you happy?

Keeping a journal

By keeping a journal, you’ll keep track of how you feel and would not be confused. It will help you find your answer. Keeping a journal can also help you keep your thoughts in order, so your mind is not always wandering and busy thinking, consciously or unconsciously.

What makes you unhappy?

Once you recognize what makes you unhappy, start making a plan – a project. This project would be defined as your Happiness Project. You may need to change your lifestyle for that, or you may need to quit your job – basically quitting all those things that make you unhappy and start moving your life on the right path – the path you want to be on, the path that gives you all the feelings we described above in this article. Essentially, the part that ultimately makes you feels good.